A torn out page from your chapter in my book.

I remember the day I told you I needed to let you go, and the happiness in your eyes I saw everyday after school drained. You looked at me for what seemed like forever before you mumbled out one simple word. “Why?” I sighed and looked away like I always did when I was trying to answer one of your unanswerable questions. “I can’t get hurt.” I whispered and you shook your head. “I will never hurt you. I promise, princess.” You then hugged me and the tears spilled from both our eyes for a good 20 minutes. I clutched on to you, thinking this was the last time I’d hold you in my arms. I held you so tight that day, I’m surprised you’re still breathing. When we both calmed down, you looked into my eyes, tilted my chin up with one finger, and kissed me. From that moment I knew I was in love with you and I had no trouble denying it. Two months later, you told me you had to let me go. You had no sympathy, no tears, just biter eyes with biter words. I wish I was clutching on to you like you did to me that one day, but instead I strangled my pillow while I sobbed myself to sleep. I miss you and the worst part is, I realized I’m even more in love with you than I ever have been before.